Midsize cars have been popular through the years, and for good reason. They offer an unbeatable mix of performance, fuel efficiency, and comfort that makes them exceptionally versatile everyday drivers. For a long time, the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry have been at the front of the midsize class.

When we compare the 2018 Honda Accord and the 2018 Toyota Camry head-to-head, though, the 2018 Accord emerges as the better option. Offering more space, a more engaging driving experience, and a more comfortable ride, the 2018 Accord is an excellent choice for drivers who prefer not to compromise when it comes to quality.



The 2018 Honda Accord boasts a winning design that offers an agile drive without sacrificing great cargo capacity. The 2018 Accord features a trunk that offers 16.7 cubic feet of cargo space, which is impressively large for a midsize car. The 2018 Camry, on the other hand, falls short, offering only 14.1 cubic feet of space in the trunk of base models and just 15.1 cubic feet of space in more expensive trims. If you’re looking for a midsize car with extra room, the 2018 Accord is the better option.


Driving Experience

Both the 2018 Accord and the 2018 Camry come with standard front-wheel drive that delivers an incredibly smooth and engaging ride. The 2018 Accord, though, also features selectable driving modes, so drivers can adjust driving dynamics to suit current road conditions.



While both the 2018 Accord and the 2018 Camry are equipped with cabins of about equal size that offer great head- and leg-room for passengers and driver, the 2018 Accord wins in the comfort category due to the upscale interior options available. Aside from having luxuriously comfortable seats, the 2018 Accord is available with leather upholstery, power-adjustable front seats, heated and ventilated front seats and heated rear seats.


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