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Bike racks that are made by a company like Honda are going to be better made, are going to be more likely to fit your car if you drive a Honda, and are going to last longer as well. Bike racks that are made by Honda are also going to be easier, for the most part, to install on your car if you drive a Honda. You can also get this type of bike rack at a Honda dealership for a great price and to make sure you have the best results when it comes to installing and using your bike rack.

Why should I Buy Genuine Honda Bike Racks?

When it comes to something like a bike rack that can be installed permanently on your car or can be moved around as needed, it is always a good idea to find a bike rack that is going to fit your car well, that is going to fit your needs, and that is going to be of a good quality and a great standard as well. Those bike racks that are made for Hondas are going to fit better, are going to be more secure, and are going to fit your car, in particular, better so there is less slipping and moving and less trouble overall with the actual bike rack. This is going to help make the entire process of installing and using your bike rack easier as well.

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What happens if I don't get a Genuine Honda Accessory Bike Rack?

Using aftermarket bike racks and those racks that might not be a great brand or may not be name brand is going to make it harder to install and many dealerships are not going to install them for you. On top of that, most bike racks that are not from the manufacturer are not going to have any sort of warranty with them.

Why choose Roy Schmidt Honda for your Genuine Honda Accessory Bike Racks?

Roy Schmidt Honda has amenities including beverages, bottled water, wifi, children’s playroom, work stations and more. They also have a team that is ready and waiting to help you to get your car back on the road faster. They also offer a shuttle service and loaner cars as needed. This dealership offers you plenty by the way of comforts and making your visit as comfortable as possible.


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Why Service at Roy Schmidt Honda?

  • Courtesy Transportation
  • Coffee
  • Hot Tea
  • Service Loaner Cars
  • Bottled Water
  • WiFi
  • Express Service Open Saturdays
  • Snacks
  • Hot Chocolate

Roy Schmidt Honda Service Lounge

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Roy Schmidt Honda Service Lounge

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