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Battery Replacement Service in Effingham, IL

Honda vehicles have a legendary reputation for their reliability and dependability, making them loved by owners around the world. However, you’ll only get that reliability as long as you take care of your Honda’s maintenance needs. The factory-trained and certified service team at Roy Schmidt Honda, proudly serving the Effingham, IL area, knows what it takes to keep your vehicle in prime condition.

Your battery lies at the heart of your Honda’s electrical system. Not only does it provide the cold-cranking amps needed to successfully start your vehicle every day, but it also stores the electrical energy needed to power your vehicle’s various accessories, from its lighting and powertrain controls to the radio, power windows and other comforts.

Signs of a Bad Battery

There’s plenty that can go wrong with a battery throughout its life. Fortunately, your battery will offer a few warning signs before it completely fails, in most cases. The following is a shortlist of red flags that could signal the impending end of your Honda’s battery:

  • Sluggish cranking upon startup
  • Clicking sounds when you turn the key
  • Weak headlights and dim interior lighting
  • Malfunctioning electronics, such as a radio that resets itself

If you encounter any of these problems, you should have one of our technicians run tests and, if necessary, replace your battery.

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How Often You Should Replace Your Battery

A battery’s charging capacity declines with age and use, so it’s crucial you take advantage of our battery replacement service before its capacity drops below critical levels. Consider replacing your battery every three years. After roughly five years of use, your car’s battery will certainly be too unreliable to use with confidence.

Why Turn to Roy Schmidt Honda

Car batteries won’t last forever. When the time comes to replace yours, the service team at Roy Schmidt Honda can help you get the job done. Our technicians only use genuine OEM parts so your vehicle maintains its original quality and reliability. We’ll take care of your battery replacement as a part of our Express Maintenance Service, ensuring you’re back on the road as quickly as possible. We even offer Saturday hours for your convenience.

Surf the web thanks to our wireless internet access or catch up on a little reading in our quiet room while you wait on your vehicle. If you’re in a hurry, grab one of our free service loaner cars for the duration of the repair.

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