Honda Brake Fluid Exchange Service

Brake Fluid Exchange Service

Between transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, radiator fluid and windshield wiper fluid there’s a lot to keep track of in your Honda. There's another type of fluid that is equally important that not many of us think about: Brake Fluid. When most of us think about our brakes we’re aware of the basics. You have your brake pads, calipers and rotor, so why worry about additional fluids?

Why Change Your Brake Fluid?

Let's say you’re leaving work for the day. It’s Taco Tuesday and you’re eager to get home. While pulling on to I-57 when an SUV pull out in front of you abruptly. The moment your foot starts depressing the brake pedal, a piston inside the brake caliper compresses and increases the pressure inside the brake lines sending brake fluid throughout the braking system. The pressure build-up of the brake fluid is what causes the rotors to clamp down on the brake pads (which are in constant contact with the wheels), thus ensuring you’re slowing down at the rate indicated by the force of your foot on the brake pedal inside the cabin.

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Honda Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that is routinely performing under high pressure and extreme temperatures. Over time, brake fluid will absorb moisture from the air resulting in water mixing in with the brake fluid. So while brake fluid is designed to work under very high temperatures and thus has a very high boiling point, water does not. The addition of water in the brake lines inhibits the brake fluids ability to apply pressure to the brake pads. It can also cause rust to build up and muck up the braking system.

If you have any questions about how often your Honda should have its brake fluid addressed, you can always check your owner's manual or speak to your friendly, professional Service Advisor at Roy Schmidt Honda. That is the best way to determine if it is time to get the Brake Fluid Exchange Service done. During this service, one of our Factory Certified Technicians will drain your vehicle of the old, potentially contaminated brake fluid and debris, and replace it with new, fresh OEM Honda Brake Fluid.

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