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Only one thing is more important than your Honda’s acceleration and handling, and that’s coming to a stop. When you press the brake pedal, there can be no question that you’ll slow down and stop as smoothly each and every time. The Honda maintenance specialists at Roy Schmidt Honda in Effingham, IL keep you apprised of your brake condition through regular maintenance and inspections. And when it comes time, we’re the best choice for Honda brake pad replacement.

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Signs Your Honda Requires Brake Pad Replacement

Have your Honda’s braking abilities changed? It can come on slowly or suddenly, and the symptoms aren’t always the same. 

A common condition for worn brake pads is a loud, annoying squealing noise. It happens when the brake pedal is pressed and can be brought on by brake pads that have been contaminated or, more likely, worn out. 

A scraping noise may be present when brake pad friction material is completely worn out and your Honda’s brakes are metal to metal. 

Brake fade is when brakes aren’t as responsive when the pedal is pressed, mostly due to excessive heat. 

A sudden loss of braking is rare but can happen if the brake pad friction material separates from its backing plate. 

Regardless of the symptom that’s present, these conditions require brake pad replacement. 

New Brake Pads at Roy Schmidt Honda

Whether you drive a newer model Honda Pilot, Civic, or Odyssey or something of a slightly older vintage, your best choice in Effingham, Stapleton, Vandalia, and surrounding communities is brake pad replacement at Roy Schmidt Honda. With expert service advice and competitive pricing, why would you take a chance anywhere else? 

Using Genuine Honda parts, your Honda’s brake pads are replaced by one of our certified technicians in our state-of-the-art facility. This service can be performed while you wait in our comfortable lounge, stocked with coffee, tea, and snacks along with complimentary WiFi. Or, leave your car with our experts while you carry on with your day in one of our service loaner cars. 

Keep your Honda running, driving and stopping at its best. Let Roy Schmidt Honda in Effingham take care of all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs.

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