Battery Maintenance Service

When you hear “electrical issues” or “charging problem” is your battery the first thing that comes to mind? While your battery is an incredibly important component of keeping your Honda on the road running safely, it is not the only part of your Charging System. The typical Charging System is made up of the alternator, battery, an electronic control unit (ECU) and wiring to keep everything connected.?

Some of those signs include:

The alternator's job is to create the electrical power needed to power your Honda’s accessories (Bluetooth, radio, etc) while also recharging the battery as the vehicle is turned on and running. The ECU controls the alternators power output and senses when the battery requires charging or when the amount of electricity needed changes. Lastly, the battery is the hub for all electric power that runs through your Honda. It creates the energy that allows the engine to crank and continues to power the accessories after you’ve turned your Honda off.

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Honda Battery Maintenance by Certified Technicians

With everything that the Charging System in your Honda controls, it can be a little frightening to see the little yellow battery indicator light appear on your dashboard. Age can be a factor in the wearing down of your Charging System, just as our famous Illinois weather can be a factor. Extreme heat or cold can have a negative impact, as well as leaving accessories or lights on while your Honda is not running. We always recommend checking with your owners manual for recommended maintenance intervals, or you can always check with one of our helpful Service Advisors.

Here at Roy Schmidt Honda, our Factory Certified Technicians will perform the Honda Battery Charging System Service to pinpoint which particular components might be failing or affecting the drivability of your Honda. We have been serving the Effingham, Mattoon, Vandalia and Charleston area for years and Roy Schmidt Honda is proud to be a member of your community. When you bring your Honda to us, you can always count on top-notch service, free car wash and vacuum, as well as complimentary coffee, tea, snacks, and WiFi! At Roy Schmidt Honda, we are here for you during every step of your Honda ownership.

Roy Schmidt Honda is happy to be the go-to certified dealer and Honda maintenance, repair and service center, serving those in the Effingham, Mattoon, and Vandalia, Il areas.

Every time you bring your Honda to Roy Schmidt, you can count on the top-notch service we have prided ourselves on providing to the Effingham, Mattoon, Vandalia, and Charleston areas for years. While your Honda is being tended to, we invite you to relax in our comfortable waiting areas, connect to our complimentary WiFi, enjoy some hot tea or cocoa and let us take care of the rest!

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