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Project time: go out to your Honda vehicle now and take a look at the carpets where you drive and where your passengers ride. All the little pebbles, ice, dirt, salt, and debris that you find resting on your carpets or carpet liners have a better place. You might have a set of basic floor mats that have collected lots of filth, but that filth has a way of sneaking off the liner onto the carpets underneath. At Roy Schmidt Honda, we know the little rocks and debris slide off the liner and accumulate just off the liner in a pile right on top of your floorboard carpeting. If this messy situation is happening in your Honda vehicle today, it is probably a great idea to take your interior carpet protection to the next level with Genuine Honda All-Season Floor Mats.


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Why All-Season Floor Mats are Best

Living in the Effingham, Illinois region with our weird weather is the most significant factor contributing to our recommendation to purchase All-Season Floor Mats for your Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV. With snow already on the ground, this winter in Effingham with a high temperature of only 6 degrees Fahrenheit as this is written, yet the forecast shows a high of 58 degrees within a few days. This kind of weather is commonplace for Illinois and can have a terrible impact on your nice interior carpets. From sleet, snow, water, salt, and sand, your Honda will be subjected to all kinds of unwanted debris throughout the winter. All-Season Floor Mats are the best way for you to protect your interior carpets from all the things that like to sneak inside your vehicle.


Design & Material Benefits of Genuine Honda All-Season Floor Mats

The Genuine Honda All-Season Floor Mats are better for many reasons. The design, materials, and performance are the key benefits offered to you with a Genuine Honda All-Season Floor Mats purchase. The design allows for the mats to have the perfect fit because Genuine Honda All-Season Floor Mats have been rigorously tested for fit and performance in your exact vehicle. The rubber composite material ensures that the Genuine Honda All-Season Floor Mats hug the floorboard perfectly. The rubber composite also allows the raised channels to trap unwanted debris while promoting an easy cleanup.

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