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Alternator 101

An alternator plays a significant role in your Honda’s electrical system. It is the part that generates the electricity to recharge your battery and operate the electrical system while the vehicle is running. The alternator also provides a little extra jolt to the starter and ignition system so you can start your car. It is designed to last for roughly 10-15 years on most vehicles in Effingham, Illinois, area before it needs servicing.

Signs of a Bad Alternator

An alternator will usually show signs of wearing out before it completely stops working. If it does stop working, it will no longer supply the power to start the car or recharge your battery. Some signs of a faulty alternator are:

  • An alternator that is not producing a satisfactory charge will produce a “Charge” warning light on the dashboard while you are driving (please note, you will see the ”Charge” warning light come on when you turn on your car, but it should go off right away).
  • The headlights and dash lights will dim when the car is idle but will brighten when you step on the gas.
  • The battery dies.
  • There is a buzzing sound coming from the alternator. This is a sign the bearings inside of the alternator are going bad.

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Home Test

If you think your alternator is going bad, there is a simple test you can do.

First, turn on your Honda and get it running. Open the hood and disconnect the negative cable to the battery. If the alternator is bad, the car should stall and stop running.

If this happens, it is time for you to take your vehicle to Roy Schmidt Honda if you live in the Effingham, Mattoon, Vandalia, and Charleston, IL, communities.

Repairing an Alternator

An alternator consists of coils, brushes, electromagnet plate, armature, commutator, cooling fan, and more. It takes specialized training to know how to properly take it apart and make repairs. At Roy Schmidt Honda, we have trained technicians that know every inch of your Honda. They can take further tests of your car’s alternator and make the repairs necessary to fix, or they can replace it with a new alternator.

Why Choose Roy Schmidt Honda?

If you cannot bring your car here, we can come and pick it up. We will provide you with a free loaner while your car is getting repaired. We also offer an express service for those who just cannot wait. If you come by with your vehicle, we have a comfortable waiting area where you can relax and have coffee, hot chocolate, snacks, Wi-Fi access, and more while we test and repair your alternator.

Why Service at Roy Schmidt Honda?

  • Courtesy Transportation
  • Coffee
  • Hot Tea
  • Service Loaner Cars
  • Bottled Water
  • WiFi
  • Express Service Open Saturdays
  • Snacks
  • Hot Chocolate

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