Honda Clutch Replacement Service in Effingham, IL

If your Honda seems to be slipping gears, it could be your clutch about to go out. Bring your car to Roy Schmidt Honda in Effingham, Illinois to let us determine exactly what the problem is. We also encourage you to come from Mattoon, Vandalia and Charleston. With gears slipping you might be concerned about your transmission, but it could be a clutch issue. Clutches average about 60,000 miles, but how long they last can vary by a lot. Some people have to change their clutch after 30,000 miles or so, and some last well over 100,000 miles. It all depends on your driving style and the conditions you drive in.


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When is it time for a Clutch Replacement Service?

A clutch will not usually just suddenly quit working or go bad. It deteriorates gradually, and eventually, you realize you have a real problem that needs to be fixed. If your car's engine speed changes (RPMs) without changing the acceleration level, you could have a clutch issue. A change in the height of the clutch pedal when it engages is also a sign of a problem. Another sign is if the car or truck acts differently pulling a load or accelerating up a hill. The smell of something burning can also be a warning sign, as well as a change in the clutch fluid can be an indication that you have an issue with your clutch that needs to be addressed. Basically, if your clutch starts acting differently, you should have it checked out. Changing out the clutch will take two or four hours, and a front wheel drive car is more complicated than a rear-wheel drive one with this task.

Why should I have the work done at Roy Schmidt Honda?

Bring your car into Roy Schmidt Honda in Effingham, Illinois to get your clutch replaced. We can diagnose the issue in a short time and let you know what is going to be needed. It's a good idea to trust your Honda to a Honda dealership because we know these cars better than anyone. We have pickup service for Hondas bought at our dealership, as well as delivery in some cases. We also offer free shuttle service regardless of where you bought the car. We can help you get back to work if needed. While you wait, enjoy some drinks and snacks in our waiting room, and use our free WiFi. We have a children's room and a quiet room for those that need to work. Magazines and newspapers are also available. You may want to leave the car with us overnight, and we offer loaner cars in many cases. We will at least make sure you get home in good shape.

Why Service at Roy Schmidt Honda?

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