Honda Exhaust System 101

If you own a Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV with an internal combustion engine, you also have an exhaust system responsible for removing the combusted gas emissions. Just like an adequate air-fuel flow is needed to feed the engine, the flow continues away from the engine but with the burned gasses moving away from the combustion chamber. It is the exhaust system that carries gasses away from the engine, which directly correlates to the air-fuel flow entering the engine. The Honda Exhaust System is complex with several vital components that work together suppressing engine noise while creating a path for emissions to escape. When you have a problem with your exhaust system, the gasses that need to move away from the combustion chamber aren’t able to do so, and you will likely start experiencing symptoms with engine performance, driving experience, and fuel efficiency.


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What are the Symptoms of a Honda Exhaust System Problem?

When it comes to the Honda Exhaust System, it’s essential to monitor how your vehicle performs because exhaust system problems usually emerge in poor engine performance, noises, and reduced fuel efficiency. If your Exhaust system problem is bad enough, the engine will be strangled of air-fuel flow it needs and might not even start. No matter the root cause of an exhaust system problem, at Roy Schmidt Honda, we always recommend monitoring your Honda vehicle’s behavior for any of these symptoms:

  • Reduced engine power
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Burnt or burning fuel smell
  • Exhaust is closer to the ground, loose, or drooping
  • Exhaust is louder than usual
  • Check engine light is on

How can Roy Schmidt Honda help?

Roy Schmidt Honda has a Honda Exhaust Service & Repair perfect for you if you’re experiencing any symptoms of an exhaust system problem. Every service begins with a factory trained certified Honda technician and a certified service protocol explicitly designed to restore your Honda Exhaust System to peak performance and factory specifications. Regardless of the root cause, whether it be the muffler, exhaust pipe, manifold, gasket, catalytic converter, or turbocharger, we’ll know exactly how to isolate the root cause and repair it as needed quickly, conveniently, and price-effectively. Roy Schmidt Honda is conveniently located in Effingham near Mattoon, Vandalia, and Charleston, Illinois.

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