Honda Head Gasket Replacement Service in Effingham, IL

If your Honda is constantly overheating, you could have a blown head gasket, or one that is about to go. The service department at Roy Schmidt Honda in Effingham, Illinois, is here for you if you are having gasket issues, or for any problem, you might be having with your Honda. People in Mattoon, Vandalia, and Charleston also can reach us conveniently for automotive repairs. The head gasket is between the engine block and the cylinder heads. It seals in the internal combustion engine to keep coolant and oil from mixing. The gasket itself is rather simple and not a very expensive item. However, it is hard to replace and a lot of things have to be moved in order to replace one, so it is not something most people would want to do themselves.


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Signs it is time for a Head Gasket Replacement Service

Replacing the head gasket is not a maintenance issue. They are often only replaced when they go bad, but when they do go bad it is a good idea to take care of the problem immediately. A blown gasket can do much worse damage to your engine. You can still drive the car, but you will probably ruin the engine and use up a lot of gas, oil and coolant that you don't need to use. The best idea would be to watch for symptoms and visit your Honda dealership when you see problems developing. Symptoms of a blown gasket include:

  • Coolant leaking from tailpipe
  • White smoke from tailpipe
  • overheating
  • Bubbles in radiator
  • White or milky oil
  • Low power
  • These types of symptoms will only get worse over time, and any one of them could be a different problem, but if you see a few of them, and they are getting worse, it is time to bring your car to Roy Schmidt Honda to let us find out what the problem really is. There is also a children's room and a quiet room for older kids.

    Why should I have the work done at Roy Schmidt Honda?

    Roy Schmidt Honda in Effingham Illinois offers free transportation to work to Mattoon, Vandalia, and Charleston. We have loaner cars available as well. While our mechanics are looking over your car, you may enjoy snacks and WiFi in our climate controlled waiting room. If the Head Gasket is the problem, you will want to leave your car with us. It is a fairly major engine repair and may take us a day or two to get it done. We can help get you back to work or home while repairs are being made. It is a good idea to trust the dealership with your Honda repair because we are the experts when it comes to Honda cars.

    Why Service at Roy Schmidt Honda?

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