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Power Steering

Power steering is a function of all Honda cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Power steering allows drivers to navigate the roadway while exerting very little physical effort. The power steering system on your Honda vehicle has several parts that direct fluid from a reservoir into the steering gear that applies pressure for the wheels to turn easily and smoothly.

The driver turns the wheel using minimal effort, but the power steering system is what actually provides the most force to turn the wheels. As the power steering system fails, there will be a decrease in steering power and the wheel might be impossible to turn depending on the part failure. When a component of the power steering system wears out or fails, it becomes more difficult or even impossible to turn the wheel and the vehicle’s tires.


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Power System Wear & Failure 

Drivers often forget about the value of good power steering when turning the wheel. Every time your Honda vehicle’s steering wheel is turned, the power steering system ensures that the vehicle’s wheels also turn to navigate the road with minimal physical effort. But when the power steering performance is compromised, the importance of good power steering is obvious. When power steering starts to wear out, there are several warning signs:

  1. Whining noise when turning the wheel
  2. The steering wheel is slow to respond
  3. The steering wheel feels stiff
  4. Groaning or squealing noise when the vehicle starts

Importance of Honda Certified Power Steering Service

If you are experiencing any symptoms related to a bad or failing power steering system, it is critical to have your Honda car, truck, or SUV inspected and serviced quickly to prevent failure. It is impossible to drive your vehicle safely on modern roads without power steering. Bring your Honda vehicle to the Roy Schmidt Honda service center in Effingham to have your power steering system inspected and serviced to ensure peak steering performance and safety. We have a team of skilled Honda certified technicians ready to service your Honda car, truck, van, or SUV’s power steering system.

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