Honda Radiator

Radiator 101

The radiator is an important part of Honda’s engine cooling system. As coolant gets pumped through the engine, it absorbs heat created by the process of combustion and the friction of the moving parts in the engine. The coolant is then transferred through a series of chambers and hoses into the radiator. As the coolant goes through the radiator, it moves into little fins. Cool air is forced over the fins by the movement of the car and the radiator fan. Heat transfers from the fins to the cool air and the cooled coolant is then forced back through the engine to repeat the process all over again to keep the engine from overheating.

Signs it is Time for a Radiator Replacement Service

You will want to have the radiator serviced on average every 3 years or 30,000 miles. Over time, several things can happen that can adversely affect your radiator, including:

  • Sludge can build up in the radiator and block the flow of coolant.
  • Corrosion can cause the fins to become brittle, break, and leak.
  • Hoses going to the radiator can weaken and leak

Why Have Radiator Replacement Service?

When any of these things happen, your Honda will react in predictable ways. It will typically start to overheat, there will be coolant puddles underneath the radiator, and if the problem is not taken care of right away, the overheating will cause a considerable amount of damage to the engine and its parts. The damage can get so bad that you will have to replace the engine or car.

Regularly scheduled radiator maintenance service can help avoid these problems. Sludge can be removed by flushing the old coolant out of the radiator along with the sludge. Afterward, the radiator will be filled with new coolant. The radiator and the fins can get inspected for corrosion and damage, and the hoses can be checked for weak slots and leaks. During a servicing inspection, parts can be repaired or replaced before something bad happens.

Why Choose Roy Schmidt Honda?

Doing a proper inspection takes training and experience. At Roy Schmidt Honda, we offer express maintenance service to get your car back on the road as soon as possible, even on Saturdays. We also have a free loaner car program if the servicing and repair work on your Honda takes a day or two to complete. Call us, we will make sure your Honda is in good shape whether you live in Effingham, Mattoon, Vandalia, or Charleston, Illinois, we have the trained and experienced technicians you need to service your radiator right.

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