What is the Honda spark plug replacement service all about?

Spark plugs in your Honda are essential to the engine pistons igniting and starting your car. They are small in comparison to other parts, but replacing them requires experience and a certified technician because of their location. They are located behind the engine and are uniquely placed. Having these spark plugs replaced periodically maintains quality performance in your Honda.


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Why should I have it done?

While spark plugs are one of the more sustainable parts on your Honda, lasting for thousands of miles and years, they do need replacing over time. Because the spark plugs are located in one of the hottest areas of your Honda and they thrive in that environment, they also gather their own build-up that breaks down and promotes wearing on the plug. When you have your Honda spark plugs replaced, you can expect your Honda to start quickly and powerfully just like it did when you purchased it. Also, your gas mileage will be positively impacted by new spark plugs.

What happens if I don't do it now?

If you choose not to have your spark plugs replaced, you will begin to see your fuel economy worsen in your Honda. Also, starting your engine will have knocking noises, and there will be a noticeable lag when starting your car. You will begin to feel it jerking, making it uncomfortable and concerning due to the movement. Because of this lack of replacement, you can expect your Honda to not meet the performance you are accustomed, causing it to take a long time reaching desired speeds. This time of pressure on your vehicle will encourage overworking from the other systems connected with your engine, furthering unnecessary wear and tear.

Why should I have the work done at Roy Schmidt Honda?

The certified technicians at Roy Schmidt Honda understand the difference a spark plug replacement service can do for your Honda. They are also aware of the invasiveness and importance of this service. This is not a service that you want to leave to amateurs. If you would like to drop off your Honda for the day, our service department will provide you with a loaner for your convenience. If you would like to wait with us, you are welcome to our customer area with a lounging area, kid's play area for your little ones, or take advantage of our quiet/study room if you need to work remotely. Contact our service department today if you would like to schedule an appointment for your Honda.

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