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Wheel Alignment Service Special

One of the most important vehicle performance features is steering. Wheel alignment and vehicle steering go hand in hand to maximize your driving experience and safety. Although steering a Honda car, truck, van, or SUV involves many parts, the wheels and alignment are critical for maximum performance. Our Honda customers are encouraged to think about their vehicle’s performance to determine if any symptoms of misaligned wheels exist. There are five common signs of wheels with poor alignment: 

  1. Tires squeal 
  2. The steering wheel is crooked when driving straight 
  3. Tire wear is rapid or uneven 
  4. The steering wheel has a “pull” to the right or left when trying to drive straight. 
  5. Vibration in the steering wheel 


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Benefits of 4 Wheel Alignment Service

  • Tire Life / Saving Money – 4 Wheel alignment service ensures that your Honda approved tires have the longest life possible. With an extended service life, Honda owners with regular 4 Wheel alignment will save money because they will purchase tires less often. 
  • Safety – Misaligned tires cause the vehicle to pull to the right or left, undermining driver control and vehicle handling. It is safer to drive a vehicle with 4 wheel alignment as this maximizes driver control and passenger safety. 
  • Comfort – 4 wheel alignment offers the best driving experience. Misaligned tires can develop bumps and shimmies that decrease driving comfort.  

Importance of Honda Certified 4 Wheel Alignment Service

If your vehicle’s alignment is bad, driving can become much more expensive and even dangerous. There is too much risk associated with poorly aligned tires. Uneven wear can lead to a tire blowout or even the loss of traction during adverse weather conditions. It’s simply not a good idea to drive your Honda car, truck, van, or SUV without proper 4 wheel alignment. Bring your Honda vehicle to the Roy Schmidt Effingham service center to ensure peak performance with routine 4 wheel alignment service. 

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