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At Roy Schmidt Honda of Effingham, Illinois, we can’t predict the weather. What we do know is that your Honda car, truck, crossover, van, or SUV will operate in a wide range of driving conditions including rain, snow, and sleet. Given the weather in the region, your Honda vehicle must be prepared for any adverse weather condition. It is in adverse driving environments that your wiper blade parts become critical vehicle components. When your wiper blades are functioning at peak performance, rain, snow, and sleet are removed from the windshield efficiently and effectively. When wiper blade parts are not functioning properly, passenger safety is compromised as the driver cannot see the road.


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If you do a lot of driving in the east central Illinois region, your wiper blade parts can wear out quickly. As the blades become worn, they become less effective at clearing the windshield, which compromises visibility and safety. Windshield wipers are a small part with immense responsibility. Windshield wipers provide visibility and safety while driving, so it is important that they function properly.

Benefits of New Wiper Blades

  1. Visibility – Wiper blade parts optimize visibility during adverse weather conditions
  2. Performance – Wiper blade parts wear out over time; as wiper blades wear out, their performance is reduced. New blades remove obstructions better than old blades
  3. Safety – Wiper blade parts improve visibility, allowing the driver to navigate the road as safely as possible

Our customers in the Effingham – Mattoon – Vandalia – Charleston region are invited to take advantage of our exceptional Honda Wiper Blade service. Remember, being proactive when it comes to changing wiper blades is critical for visibility and safety. Given the unpredictable nature of Illinois weather, combined with wiper blade wear, it is time to take advantage of this month’s service specials here.

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