Honda Recall Information

Have you ever received a recall notice in the mail? At that moment, you can lose confidence in the vehicle you love to drive. At Roy Schmidt Honda, we put a high priority on your safety and satisfaction. We’ll put your mind at ease by quickly and accurately completing your Honda recalls, restoring your faith in your vehicle and in our service. 

Why are Recalls Issued?

Honda continuously tests vehicles to ensure they meet safety and satisfaction standards. Very occasionally, it’s discovered that a component has a higher risk of failure than is acceptable. While the risk is still extremely low, a recall notice is issued for any vehicles affected. 

In many cases, there haven’t been any real-world incidents of failure, and Honda voluntarily issues nearly all recalls to ensure your satisfaction and safety. What’s more, many recalls are simply inspections and don’t require any part replacement! 


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What to Do When You Receive a Recall Notice

It’s possible that at some point in your vehicle ownership, you’ll receive a recall notice in the mail. How you should respond is contained in the information on the notice. It typically says one of two things: 

  • A recall has been issued and more information will follow. Essentially, this is just a heads-up, and you’ll receive further instructions in a future communication. You don’t need to do anything yet, although feel free to contact the service department at Roy Schmidt for more information. 
  • A recall is active on your Honda. Call Roy Schmidt Honda and schedule your appointment for the recall repair. 

Only a Honda dealer can perform Honda recalls. Safety recall repairs are always free of charge when completed by a Honda dealer. 

Is Your Honda Involved in a Recall Campaign?

Wondering if there are any recalls for your Honda? It’s easy to check. All you need is your VIN number – that 17-digit number on your dashboard. 

Visit the Honda Recall Lookup page online or call Honda Customer Assistance. Or, for an even easier solution, call Roy Schmidt Honda. If you’ve visited us before, we’ll have your VIN number on hand already. And while you’re in contact with us, we can book your recall appointment on the spot. 

In Effingham, Vandalia, Mattoon, and surrounding areas of Illinois, Roy Schmidt Honda is happy to be your Honda service center for maintenance, repairs, recalls, and more. 

Roy Schmidt Honda is happy to be the go-to certified dealer and Honda maintenance, repair and service center, serving those in the Effingham, Mattoon, and Vandalia, Il areas.