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In the Midwest, our seasons seem to change with alarming frequency. When it rains, it pours. When it snows, we’re lucky if the flurries do not stick around for long. As responsible Honda drivers, we know the importance of making sure our tires, battery and engine components are all ready for whatever weather we face. There is one component to making sure your Honda is at its safest that many overlook: your windshield wiper blades.

Even though you keep your wiper blades up and off the windshield during or before a snow storm and you may wipe off the dirt, dust and grime that builds under the rubber of the blade, it is unfortunately not enough to maintain proper visibility. As with any component on your vehicle, the wiper blades break down over time and become less effective the more they are used. Not only does this break down cause decreased visibility, but as the windshield wipers break down they crack and could potentially scratch your windshield during use.

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At Roy Schmidt Honda, our Factory Certified Technicians will be able to check your wiper blades and keep you informed of the frequency in which they should be changed to prevent costly repairs generally associated with old and damaged wiper blades. Our Windshield Wiper Replacement Service is easily paired with everything from routine maintenance to more in-depth repairs.

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While your Honda is in good hands with our Factory Certified Technicians, you don't even need to wait in our comfortable waiting area or enjoy any of our state of the art amenities; at Roy Schmidt Honda we offer Courtesy Transportation to and from work so your day doesn’t have to grind to a halt just because your Honda needs some TLC.

Roy Schmidt Honda is happy to be the go-to certified dealer and Honda maintenance, repair and service center, serving those in the Effingham, Mattoon, and Vandalia, Il areas.

We have been serving the Effingham, Mattoon, Vandalia and Charleston area for years and Roy Schmidt Honda is proud to be a member of your community. When you bring your Honda into us, you can always count on top-notch service, free car wash and vacuum, as well as complimentary coffee, tea, snacks, and WiFi. When you give us a call about your Windshield Wiper Replacement Service, don't forget to ask about our Express Service, which also includes Saturday hours! At Roy Schmidt Honda, we are here for you during every step of your Honda ownership.

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